Re-open UCG in September.

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With this petition, we, the student body of UCG, urge the faculty board to put more emphasis on the return to a physical format of education. UCG as a faculty is built on the principle of, small scale, personalized teaching. None of the signatories of this petition.feel that online, education is in any way a suitable substitute for that teaching approach. Quite the contrary, combining the UCG approach with online classes has led to a severe deterioration in the quality of education. Furthermore, many of us feel that, if we do have to take online courses, those should be given in a different format than the current one. An approach that takes the constraints and opportunities of the digital approach into consideration. Many of us no longer see the tuition fees in any way proportional to the quality of education we receive.

Returning to a physical format as soon as possible again should be of the utmost importance to the board of our faculty because it is the core of our faculty. This desire is not felt by the student body. We advocate for creative solutions to the issues we face, just what UCG aims to teach us. What these solutions may be, should be decided by the whole of the faculty jointly and approved by the faculty board. Creative solutions as such are implemented around the world, not only in education but in every aspect of society. UCG has the opportunity to be at the forefront of innovation for University colleges in the Netherlands, and we should use that opportunity. This is especially so as UCG has, contrary to many other Faculties, incredibly favourable conditions. A small community, which can be monitored, an incredibly engaged student body and a building that is exclusively used by it. Let us have this discussion as a faculty and come up with creative, innovative and most importantly save solutions so we can continue the full scale, in-person education in September.