Petition for UCF to host socially distanced Fall Graduation Ceremonies

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This petition is for UCF students. UCF has canceled our commencement ceremonies but continues to host football games and other sporting events at a limited capacity. They are using COVID-19 as an excuse to not spend money on its graduating class, as clearly if they really cared about Health and Safety they would cancel all the sporting and on campus events. We have worked so hard, spend thousands of dollars at this school, and been students for 4+ years, only to get pushed aside for money.

This petition is to encourage UCF to host our Fall 2020 commencement. They can host it in the football field, over multiple days (More days than normal, instead of two days, why not four?) to ensure social distancing. Students should also be required to opt out of ceremonies for a virtual version by a certain date if they do not feel comfortable being socially distanced in the football field. As for guests, an “immediate family only” policy should be implemented, with tickets limited to 4 per student. Masks should also be required the entire ceremony except for when individual students are walking across stage to receive diploma (then they should be optional as student is distanced and for photo purposes)