Install Life-Saving Bleeding Control Kits on UCF Campus

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"The only thing more tragic than a death is one that could have been prevented."  That is the motto of the Stop the Bleed campaign, a nationwide initiative started in 2012 to educate and train the public on how to control life-threatening bleeding with the use of tourniquets and pressure application.  In addition to education and training, Stop the Bleed offers hemorrhage control kits that can be mounted on walls in buildings, classrooms, and public spaces.

In an emergency situation involving dangerous bleeding, medical response to victims is often delayed until the scene is clear and bystanders become the first responders.  A victim can die needlessly from uncontrolled bleeding in jut a few minutes; however, with timely tourniquet placement, the chance of dying from an extremity wound is decreased drastically.

We believe that with the right training and the right tools, every UCF student and staff member can provide life-saving intervention.

***We urge the UCF administration to join this effort by installing a hemorrhage control kit alongside each wall-mounted defibrillator (AED) on campus.***

As the largest university in the country, UCF has a unique opportunity to be a shining example of progress and innovation in the fight against these tragedies.

Please sign this petition and help save lives.

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