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The Working Group that drafted the ill-fated addendum has circulated a message to all UCD staff which includes the following lines: "We wish to emphasise that the objective of the Working Group was to strengthen academic freedom in the context of UCD’s existing, and prospective future, international activities. The general thrust of feedback highlighted the possibility that the proposed addendum could dilute the strength of the existing UCD Statement on Academic Freedom. This was not the intention of the Working Group and is something it takes very seriously and wishes to guard against. Therefore, in light of the feedback received, the Working Group will not be proposing to Academic Council any addendum to the existing Statement on Academic Freedom." They then outline three very general recommendations regarding future attitudes towards Academic Freedom that look partly quite good and partly still potentially ambiguous (yet much less so than the addendum which is unambiguously bad); this will have to be monitored carefully in the future. Thank you so much to everybody who signed this petition, to IFUT (both UCD Branch and nationally) for supporting it, and for your continued support in protecting our academic freedom! I am sure that the powers that be have watched very carefully how quickly the list of signatories grew over the course of just a few hours, and that this added significantly to the pressure on them.

Wolfgang Marx
1 year ago