Stop the 12% rent increase in UCD

Stop the 12% rent increase in UCD

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UCD rents have gone up by 76% over 10 years. Enough is enough!!

To all staff, students and members of the UCD community, we need your help. We need your voice to join us in demanding that UCD management stop their plan to increase rents of on campus accommodation by 12 % over the next three years.

We are demanding that the rent increases be stopped, rents be decreased, and a rent freeze brought in, as well as a Rental Support Fund established for vulnerable students. 

Over the next three years, annual rents in UCD are on course to increase by an average of a thousand euro. We already have the most expensive campus rents in the country*, which make accessing UCD impossible to many students. These increases are completely unsustainable and an outrageous way of using students to generate income.

What's also unacceptable is the manner in which the recent rent decision was made, with zero consultation with students and no consideration for what the Students' Union has been calling for all year. We cannot allow decisions to be taken that affect all students, without SU representation as partners in decision making. 

UCD is a public institution and education is a right. Financial barriers to accessing education must be eradicated, not made worse!! Please sign and share our petition!


*See breakdown of current campus rents here -

813 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!