Installation of public restrooms by UCSD for our houseless community

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Our houseless neighbor, Jesse, was brutalized by police officers on May 12 for allegedly urinating in public near our UCSD campus. Since then students from UCSD have come together to fight for Jesse because we all know and love him as a member of our community.  Jesse has suffered injuries to the face and eye, and has since told me that he did not get the chance to urinate before the police arrived. Houselessness is not a crime and being able to use the restroom is a human right. I call on UC San Diego and Mayor Todd Gloria to take action to actually provide long term solutions to our houseless crisis and to condemn the use of force by these officers. 

If UCSD students and faculty consider Jesse a part of our community, then UCSD needs to as well. Simply providing a few porter potties would significantly help the houseless in our community and would prevent situations like Jesse's in the future, Jesse  had the wonderful idea of employing him and other houseless folks to clean and maintain these restrooms. Jesse was brutalized for being a Black houseless man in America who needed to urinate, we must stand for our community and fight for justice. This kind of violence cannot be accepted on our campus. Urinating is a human right.