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Protect UCSD Community Principles

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On January 19th, 2016, a radical movement within the pro-life organization “AbortionNo” displayed giant signs displaying gruesome, graphic imagery of dismembered fetuses, dead holocaust victims, and African American lynchings. Although the school displayed signs to warn students of the images ahead, these pictures were blatantly visible from beyond the school’s warning signs due to their large size.

While it is any person or movement’s First Amendment Right to practice free speech in public zones such as UC San Diego, gory images such as these directly contradict UC San Diego Principles of Community, which state that:

     “We affirm the right to freedom of expression at UC San Diego. We promote open expression of our individuality and our diversity within the bounds of courtesy, sensitivity, confidentiality, and respect.”

The students at UCSD are appalled by these images and request that the school administration does not allow graphic images like these to be publicly displayed on campus for the following reasons: 

1) Such images are unnecessarily violent, graphic, and offensive. If a person or group want to bring attention to any issue of a graphic nature, such imagery such as the ones displayed on January 19th, 2016 on Library Walk must not be shown publicly. If a movement such as “AbortionNo” wishes to show these graphics they must be concealed to the general public and shown to individuals with a person’s prior consent.
2) These signs and pictures do not promote a healthy or safe space for students at UC San Diego, or to the general public. It is the school’s responsibility to promote the general welfare of students and to ensure that their beliefs and experiences are respected and valued.
3) There are many students who may be negatively affected by these images. They may trigger a reaction that could permanently damage students’ psychological, mental, or emotional wellness--and particularly students with pre-existing traumas or conditions. Although the school administration posted warnings of the graphics ahead, these images were unavoidable even before the warnings were visible. It is UC San Diego’s first priority to ensure the mental health of all of its students, and therefore unauthorized, graphic imagery must be concealed at all times on public campus grounds.
4) Gruesome graphics such as these obstruct the students’ ability to use Library Walk as a means of getting to their destination. Because many students are deeply affected by the sight of blood and gore, their access to Library Walk, a major pathway of UC San Diego, was restricted.
5) The public display of these images is in direct violation of UC San Diego’s pre-established Principles of Community because they are not “within the bounds of courtesy, sensitivity, confidentiality, and respect” (See “UC San Diego Principles of Community”)

For these reasons, the students at UCSD ask the administration to ban disturbing imagery such as AbortionNo's from being openly exposed on our public campus grounds. We ask that AbortionNo's "Genocide Awareness Project," remove or conceal its large images from Library Walk.

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