Bring back UCR's Latitude 55 breakfast burritos (the $3.99 ones)

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When I was feeling immense pressure, depression or unbearing anxiety during my time as an faithful undergraduate at UC Riverside, I would often turn my attention to food. As someone who suffered from food insecurity, Latitude 55's breakfast burritos (served between Fall 2015 and Spring 2017) were the most unhealthy yet satisfying meal that I could get on-campus, for the stupefyingly-amazing price of only $3.99. The combinations of meats, cheese, eggs and salsa would light up my day (after a quick nap) and help me finish the rest of my classes throughout the day, knowing I always had a reliable meal.

Unfortunately, with the opening of The Habit in 2018, the breakfast burritos were replaced by not only a smaller option, but a more expensive one. Unlike what Barney Stinson says, new is not always better. In this case, new was worse. My days of pressure, depression and anxiety no longer would be greeted by the relishable breakfast burritos of the past, but now were plastered by the new branding of one of my old favorite hangout spots.

The breakfast burritos were one of the reasons I was proud to be a Highlander. My mom would visit the campus and I would show her the burritos and she would be disgusted... at how AMAZING the price was. For the VALUE she achieved. It was representative of UCR itself. Underrated, a gem, amazing for its value. With the absence of the original Latitude burritos, I fear that UCR's problems may once again come back.

By signing this petition, I will hopefully be able to start a conversation. A conversation that the Highlander Union Building should value its cheap breakfast food once again. For UCR's community, the breakfast burritos of the past should come back. It's lit.