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UC Regents: Use the traditional seal for representing the University of California (UC)

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(1) It fails as a re-branding effort. While promoting the UC as an innovative institution is a valid goal, this logo is bland, unimaginative, and lacks character. Many, including myself, find it plain ugly, and many others have remarked that it looks like the logo of a for-profit vocational school, not that of a world class research institution.

(2) It overwrites tradition. The classic 144-year old Victorian seal brings legitimacy, tradition, and prestige to the UC. Replacing it (or "substituting" it) with this awful logo not only dilutes that symbolism, but it effaces all of the hard work that students, faculty, and staff have done to make the University of California the most revered public university system in the world, with which the great seal is associated. At best, this re-branding only creates inconsistency in message, when the purported goal is to promote consistency in our identity.

(3) This once again demonstrates the misplaced priorities of the UC Regents. While budget cuts and tuition hikes are besieging students and campuses throughout California, the UC Regents have decided that fiddling with our logo is more deserving of their time and our money. Admittedly, demonstrating the innovativeness of the UC to policy-makers and business leaders is in our interest -- but this bland re-branding effort fails to do that. Rather, it only conveys a sense of imprudent, uninspired, and feckless decision-making in the UC. Hardly innovative in anyone's book.

Tell Mark Yudof and the UC Regents to use the traditional seal! Sign the petition!

Furthermore, if you really want them to listen, tell them you will refuse to contribute any money to the UC until their decision is reversed. Here's Mark Yudof's email address:

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