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Cap multi-million dollar pensions for UC executives!


Do you think it’s fair for senior UC executives to receive $300,000 a year for life after they retire? Like the Governor of California, UC executives are taxpayer supported public servants.  If you believe they should be held to the same standards as California’s Governor, sign the petition to support fair pension reform at UC.  It is critical that we stop the exorbitant executive payouts that are draining funding from UC’s education and health delivery programs and forcing California students, patients and taxpayers to pick up the tab.

Letter to
UC Regents
California State House
California State Senate
I am writing today to encourage you to support Fair Pension Reform at UC, to include making top executives at UC subject to the same pension reform laws that govern other public employees. Over the past ten years student tuition at UC has tripled, hospitals have become chronically understaffed and California taxpayers have been exposed to billions in debt. It’s past time that we cap multi-million dollar pension payouts for top UC executives, a growing number of whom make more than the President of the United States.

As California taxpayers we have to make decisions about how we want our money spent. I believe the tens of millions of dollars a year that capping executive pensions at UC would save would be better spent sending low-income kids to college, improving patient care and stabilizing UC’s finances. Please support this common sense solution to help get UC back on track.

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