Abbas Ghassemi needs to be fired.

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To the University of California Merced  


Dr. Ghassemi needs to be fired. Deleting his twitter is not and will not be enough. Have we learned from history? this is exactly how oppression and hate stems. After spending many hours on TikTok I have heard from the children and young adults on both sides and we need to take time to listen and reflect. People need to feel heard. You can't just ignore this until it goes away. That within itself is oppression. Do you want to be oppressors?

The Israeli government enforces severe and discriminatory restrictions on Palestinians’ human rights. HUMAN RIGHTS! This is not okay. I do not stand for that. My heart is very pained by this. Feelings about that, are warranted. However, As a professor he has the duty to educate people on the mistakes of history and he has a platform to educate people. Not to use anti Semitic-propaganda. Does he know how the internet works? Lives are lost because of posts like his tweet. Anti Israli Government should not and does not equal anti Jew. In order to break free of the oppressors, the oppressed have to lift themselves up. We can do this together. Do not get blurry vision with distractions they set in place to keep us disconnected. Please take a moment and reflect on this. Jews are humans too. At the end of the day do we all not want human rights? Every group has extremists, we can't be against each other.

I would like to put this into a context that we as Americans can understand. Take Trump for example, Trump does not represent every single American. The government makes choices that we may or may not agree with. People in power have their hands tied, we have to dismantle this Us vs. Them mentality to see the root of the problem. The Government, the Elite.

Also I am still waiting on your reasoning for choosing the Marketing field to speak at a commencement during such tumultuous times. Especially when putting money over people is the root of what we have seen unfold this year.

Where are the universities priorities? Do you side with your students or do you side with greed? Do you side with hatred or do you side with innovation and progress? I have attached 2 resources below for your students, please share them. It is the very least you can do. 

“As individual fingers we can easily be broken, but all together we make a mighty fist.” -Sitting Bull.
“"Quand les pauvres n'auront plus rien à manger, ils mangeront les riches" - Jean-Jacques Rousseau