Petition #2: Demanding the release of Footage from UCI Police Brutality Incident 2/20/20

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Across UC Campuses, we have seen an increase in Police Brutality especially in UC Davis and UC Merced. We want accountability and solutions. We see that efforts are being made to review previous policing practices and ways in which to improve police relations with their community.

In February of this year we had our own instance of police brutality on our campus. However, no attempts have been made to improve police relations or provide students more information on how the UC manage de-escalation tactics. Evidence of these situations are crucial to the improvement of our community and understanding current police efforts across the UC.

We think it’s pertinent to share the full video coverage of the body camera from Trish Harding, as well as videos of the arrest of Shikera and all events leading up to the arrest in order to better understand policing at UCI and hold our officers accountable for how they handle students in our community.

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UCI Department of Anthropology Letter (Graduate)

UCI Department of Anthropology Letter (Graduate)

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