Gender Neutralize the 4th Floor Bathrooms of Cal's MLK Student Union

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A trans woman at UC Berkeley was harassed for using a restroom on the 4th floor of MLK. The Student Union has finalized the cost of renovating the restrooms on 4th floor to gender neutralize (floor to ceiling stalls) but they need evidence of student support to move forward.


We need to push the Student Union to address this community concern. In the meantime, treat the bathrooms as if they are already gender neutral. This has been a request in motion since last semester, but very little of us have taken the actual steps to do so... a simple sign and switch up will empower this request.

If you're interested in delivering or submitting a public comment to the Student Union Board, please email

Spread the word.

Here's the incident and a thread so you can understand the need for our collective action: