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Ubisoft Games On Nintendo Switch

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Ubisoft Are Working With Nintendo Porting Some Of Their Games On Nintendo Switch Console,Just Dance, Steep And Rayman Legends.And Making A Exclusive Game Mario+Rabbits.

So we are here for ask you to Ubisoft Bring of Their Job To Nintendo Switch.

Porting Assasins Creed 4,Rogue,Far Cry 3,Watch Dogs 2 And Michael Jackson The Experience To Switch.

And Making The Next Zelda Game Produced By Miyamoto And Aonuma With The Ubisoft Team Using The AnvilEngine.

All of us are hoping this dream come true because it would be really nice to be played on Switch, Switch's sales will increase thanks to this because of its portability and the possibility to play on the go easily, more than with platforms that it's already presented.

So please Ubisoft And Nintendo Make Our Dreams True Making That.

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