Switch South Korean operator's sides in Rainbow Six:Siege.

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With the new season in Rainbow Six:Siege came a new operation: Opertation White Noise.

It featured 3 new operators: Vigil for defence, and Zofia and Dokkaebi for the attacking team.

Though, it seems that the Operators from South Korea were switched at some point in the development process.

Vigil's unique ability is being invisible to drones' cameras. Not only is it appears almost useless, after realising that most of the time drones are only used once a round, in the prep stage. Couple that with the ability's limited use time, and you get a recruit with a fancy set of weapons.

Meanwhile on an attacking team, where stealth is a advantage and camera feed is checked constantly, Vigil could be an actual threat to the opposing team.

Dokkaebi's ability, on the other hand, is a tablet, with which she can hack defender's cellphones or cameras.

In the end, it's just a weak anti-roaming device, (that we have way more than enough of), and it would help way more on defence.

The point of this petition is to make the game more fun to play without adding useless characters.