Stop Howrse Banning People With No Warning!!!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200! (and other servers) has recently seen the out-of-the-blue ban (deletion) of many top players, teams and members, due to 'rule breaking'.

The main reason being 'scripting', which is using special programs to do work for you (often at a faster speed than a 'normal' human), or to do tasks while you are at work / doing other things. Ubisoft detect these offences by their own 'fine-tuned' methods, which however still prove to not be fully accurate, and often punish people at no fault - or miss the people who are at fault! (The main one being obvious multi-accounting which they seem to turn a blind eye!) Another point being they seem to punish people just for using basic computer skills & techniques - eg LinkClump & CtrlTab.

While we are NOT attesting the rules of Ubisoft - we ARE boycotting the unfair, sudden removal of accounts - no warning, no second chance, no proper way to appeal (as well as Ubisoft not providing any actual 'proof' of wrongdoing). As well as this we ask for a CLEAR list of rules, what is and isn't allowed, as at the moment it is NOT clear and the T&C's do not specify any particular programmes.

Many people put in hours of hard work and real money into this very large and communicative game, and to have that taken away without any warning is not just unreasonable it is totally unjustifiable that such extreme actions are taken, against such highly regarded players!

We, the signed, want Ubisoft to CHANGE the deletion / banning 'rule'. We want a proper full warning BEFORE any drastic action is taken. We do not disagree that a punishment may be necessary (a karma dock, a TEMPORARY ban etc) BUT a permanent ban, with no warning, is NOT acceptable.

Please sign below and share this to as many people as possible! STOP Howrse (Ubisoft) deleting players without warning!!!