Release UbiArt Framework as an Open Source Engine

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This is important for the entire community of game developers and artists around the world. Giving such amazing tools to the hands of indie developers would result in possibly a new era of 2D Games. It would also hopefully break the boundaries between Art and Game Developement and let artists with minimum programming knowledge create gorgeous games, without worrying about technical limitations.

Ubiart Framework was designed for artists and has the potential to bring a revolution in the Gaming Industry. Rayman's creator himself, Michel Ancel, when asked about Ubiart Framework, has stated that: "If you look at the best artists at Disney for example, they create incredible books and artwork and share their processes – it's interesting because those same people are happy to look at how other artists are developing their style. That whole medium has evolved on the basis of sharing ideas. But in games we lock it all in a black box and keep it to ourselves. It is more interesting to have a community and share our content." I am pretty sure he knew what he was talking about and saw the potential of these amazing tools.

This petition's goal is not to harm Ubisoft's image, which has always been one of the key companies that brought revolution in the gaming industry over the years, but to remind its managers of the great opportunity they have to give artists and small teams of game developers what they have always dreamed of.