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Option to Censor Mature Content.

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The upcoming title Watch Dogs, was scheduled for release along with the PS4 and XBOX ONE November 2013 before the company announced it had decided to push its release into 2014. Ubisoft said that they just didn't quite feel satisfied with the product, so it was delayed to further fine tune Watch Dogs. A few months later it was revealed that the new (and current) release date would be May 27th. But it was also revealed that during this time Ubisoft has added more Mature Content. Namely, Strong Sexual Content and Nudity. It's said that the content was added to give a more realistic feel to Watch Dogs. Though many fans of Watch Dogs are disappointed to see that this new Mature Content has been added. Though I understand that Ubisoft added the Mature Content because they felt it would help them better achieve their dream for Watch Dogs. To help make Watch Dogs a more friendly and accepted game to everyone, I would like to ask Ubisoft that they add a option to remove or censor the Mature Content in Watch Dogs. This way anyone who does not want to have the Mature Content in their game can remove or censor it. While those who would like to play the game with all the intended Content can leave it uncensored. As a added note I would also like to ask the the viewers of this Petition that would prefer Watch Dogs with the Mature Content to please consider signing so that more people will play and enjoy Watch Dogs. Thank you.

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