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Optimize Assassin's Creed Origins on PC or provide refunds

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Many players struggle with fps issues in this game.Mostly because of the CPU usage

My specs are:i7 2600k,MSI GTX 1080 Gaming,8gb ram,Windows 10 with last updates.Any other AAA game runs smooth on my pc.Some people can't even play this game cause performance in cities is that bad.I've completed all technical support's solving steps but nothing helped.

New 1.0.5 patch did nothing(https://youtu.be/qHp3D5_epnQ)

Ubisoft support denies the fact that it's an unsolvable technical issue(Which is required to receive a refund in some online stores,not uplay.(In uplay it's impossible)So i want Ubisoft to optimize their game on PC like it should be optimized or provide refunds to players who have this issue.

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