Open up Rainbow Six Siege map pool for ranked again

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Having had to play with a skimmed down version of the map pool for the longest time of the last year, many people have grown tired of the meta and the lack of variety. We, who signed this petition wish to regain the ability to play all, or at the very least more, maps in ranked again.


It is good to see that Ubisoft try to incorporate the players into decision making by consulting Pro League on some issues. However, Pro League makes up a miniscule minority of this very vast community and dont necessarily always have the best outcome for the community as a whole in mind when counselling Ubisoft on decisions to take. They dont represent US, the players, any more than any other fringe group of the community does. ESL has their own limitations of the map pool for turnaments, as well as a voting system to eliminate unwanted maps and as such the Pro League is not hindered in any way in its usual procedures by us getting acces to more maps in ranked again.


Some people would point to casual, as an alternative to all those that wish to play the old maps again. However, this is a makeshift solution and a bad one at that, as you cannot truly enjoy siege in its pure form in ranked, due to player toxicity, players leaving when they lose, players teamkilling and people generally pulling weird stunts they would never pull in ranked.


It is for this reason we wish to be granted the ability to acces old maps again. We are not the Pro League, we do not play ESL. As such we do not wish to be beholden to the rules and map pools of ESL. Make Siege Siege again, not ESL!