JoJo illustrious outfits for FOR HONOR

JoJo illustrious outfits for FOR HONOR

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Started by Raging Reaper

I believe that sense JoJo's bizarre adventures references have ben prevalent in the community of for honor and sense there is a jojo reference in the mythic outfit of "Furiously fast"(which uses the Japanese character  "ゴ" which means menacing which is used alot in the anime and is very commonly known to be somewhat of a jojo joke or reference)

I believe that if ubi is willing to establish a deal with shonen jump/Hirohiko Araki allowing ubi to use some beloved stands from the show or manga such as star platinum, silver chariot,ECT. I think this would make many jojo fans happy with playing FOR HONOR and it may encourage people to watch the show or read the manga.

If job gets permission from araki/shonen then I believe this would be the best setup for the four factions, star platinum for the Vikings for their might and power, silver chariot for knights do to their armour and versitilaty, hierophant green to the samurai for their wit and practicality, and magicians red for the wu lin for their ability to overwhelm their opponents in battle

If somehow this actually goes somewhere I don't want any compensation or anything for this idea. I would just love to see this become a reality and I would be satisfied with that.

From: a FOR HONOR playing JoJo fan

8 have signed. Let’s get to 10!