Have Ubisoft remaster Far Cry 2 for PS5, Xbox Series X & PC

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Do you enjoy FPS and open world games? In 2008, Ubisoft released Far Cry 2 to PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 after the success of Far Cry (2004). As the series progress, Far Cry 2 is remembered for not holding your hands and its infamous gameplay mechanics such as the treating your character's malaria and the ingame weapons getting jammed after many usage. This installment needs to be remaster for the next gen consoles including PC with updated visual graphics, less glitches and the removal or improvement of the game's multiplayer mode. In this petition I will explain why Far Cry 2 needs to be re-release.

According to gamers, they are having trouble playing the game due to technical issues such as crashes and impossible story progress despite being patched in 2009. The next gen consoles have the capability to overcome these issues because they have more power over the predecessors and the ability to manage current open world games such as Far Cry 5. Another complaint gamers have is that the multiplayer mode is frustrating and/or unnecessary because of the requirements to earn all multiplayer achievements and the constant servers connection issues so if Ubisoft plans to keep multiplayer mode they'll need to minimize the requirements to unlock the achievements and keep the servers up to date. In my opinion, the multiplayer mode should be not included in the remastered version because the story mode is main experience of Far Cry 2.

Far Cry 2 is one of the reasons why the Far Cry series is one the best video game series. The game needs to be remaster to enhance performance, improved textures and the removal or patching of multiplayer mode so that the game will be more enjoyable than the 2008 original. By signing this petition, we can give this underrated installment another chance and a better reputation it deserves.