Give the FBI SWAT Recruit the G36C

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Hello Ubisoft, 

My name is Eric, or ThatRecruitGuy on xbox1, i am a recruit main who is level 56 at the time of this article, has hit Platnum 3, with a 1.2 k/d, only playing yours truly Recruit. I love Rainbow Six SIEGE with all my heart! I have no life, and ~800 hours on the game across multiple accounts! I am not trying to boast, but rather giving some background information of myself, the creator of this petition.

All I ask is that Ubisoft give the FBI SWAT Recruit the G36C. I find it unfair that Recruit does not have access to one of the best assault rifles in the game, and on top of that, Recruit is already greatly hindered by the iron sights, and no access to any attachments. I feel as though it is much harder to attack with my beloved Recruit due to the iron sights. For example, the FBI SWAT R4C's iron sights are hardly useable.

If it is not possible to give Recruit the G36C, I would like to ask that Ubisoft should would rework iron sights to maybe something like the iron sights on the GSG9 MP7. I feel as though they are way to hard to use. 

One last request, give charms and skins to recruit. I think it would be cool, thats all really.

Thank you for creating Rainbow Six Siege!

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