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Get Growtopia to actually start caring about their players

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Our poor player MusicOfMine has been experiencing traumatic things from the GT support desk, from covering up their mistakes to deleting threads about them in forums. We must stop this NOW and get Ubisoft to start thinking about their players. People like Anulot should not barge in when they have no proof, because their opinion is worth more than any other person's. 

Heres a nice example. Say Warren Buffet was Mexican. Once, he accidently tripped over the mexican boarder and broke a small part of the fence. Trump then says, hey heres another illegal immigrant, but the truth would be that Warren just accidently tripped.

Just think about it, customers first, but when one customer isn't satisfied, they should actually pay attention to that customer. However, when MoM was trying to be unbanned from the game when he never deserved a ban, all the moderators/administrators did was just make assumptions.

Btw: MusicOfMine, Me(Apples), and Tia Chớp Thần Công are all banned

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