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Finish and release the game Assassin's Creed Sons of the Confederate Army to the public.

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The game Assassins Creed Sons of the Confederate Army was canceled do to the game showing the Confederate Flag, those who have played the Assassins creed games know that the franchise is all about history, you have to accept that the Confederate Flag is part of history. If the game shows the flag it doesn't mean it is trying to discriminate a race. The Assassins Creed franchise has been a part of my life and many other gamers for many years, I know a game doesn't sound like much but think about that favorite show, candy or toy company not releasing their newest idea because of a hype going around the society and media. The game isn't meant to be racist or offensive in anyway towards the African American culture. I get that many people are unhappy about the Confederate Flag and I respect all of their opinions but it is still a part of history. Ubisoft shouldn't have to cancel a release in fear of media chewing them up. The game is telling a historical fiction story that many gamers and other people would enjoy. I am personally very interested in the Civil War, Does that make me racist? No, then why would it make the developers of a historical franchise racist? I and thousands if not millions of others just want to see the game released if the flag is that much of a problem why doesn't Ubisoft replace every Confederate Flag in the game with the gay flag so it can be released? At this point if that's what it takes for this game to be finished and released so be it. Please help my voice and many others stand up to the part of society making companies too afraid to even think about releasing what they has the right to. Thank you!

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