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Ubisoft, stop treating fair players like cheaters!

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Lots of `For Honor` players including myself were banned due to some unknown reasons.
Before the latest game patch I`ve been receiving error "EasyAntiCheat detected a security failure on your device. Please check your settings and try again. (0006000043)".
Now, after the latest hotfix it`s " ERROR - EasyAntiCheat - Banned 006000043 "
Are you serious Ubisoft?
We demand an immediate solution or workaround to this problem as it caused lots of honest players suffering and showed that the Ubisoft themselves are not exactly working `for honor`. Still they keep ignoring us in our misery.
I call for everyone suffering the same problem or just willing to support us in our attempt to knock on Ubisoft`s door to subscribe this petition.
Together we`ll move this mountain. For honor!

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