Delaying the server shutdown of Just Dance 2015 to March 2019

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I feel devastated because Ubisoft is shutting down Just Dance 2015 online servers in November 19th. As a result, PlayStation and Xbox players will not be able to obtain the trophy/achievement "I want it all!", which requires unlocking all in-game avatars and monthly mash-ups.

The thing is: there are 6 avatars unlocked by participating in the online tournaments (World Dance Floor), you get 1 each month you play; and also there are 6 monthly mash-ups ONLY unlockable at their respective months, from October to March. They are:

October: Bad Romance

November: Addicted To You

December: Ain't No Mountain High Enough

January: You Spin Me Round

February: Macarena

March: Fatima

Achieving the platinum trophy in Just Dance 2015 has been a personal goal, one that I am fulfilling with such passion and dedication: I worked on it everyday during three months, I reached max online level 5000 (Elite) on September 23th and unlocked the avatar tied to that, I have about 600 hours of dancing in the World Dance Floor. I know other Just Dancers in the same situation, with the same goal, people that dedicated so much time of their life to the game and to fulfill all those demanding requirements for the trophy "I want it all!" and thus the platinum "Just Dance Master". Everything we did so far will not be rewarded if the online servers shuts down in November 19th as stated by Ubisoft.

Delaying Just Dance 2015 server shutdown to March 2019 will give players the opportunity to complete their collection of monthly mash-ups, tournament avatars and, of course, trophies/achievements. It is the solution we seek to obtain from Ubisoft.