Change R6 Siege's Toxic Behavior System

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Since 14th July 2018 players that gave Ubisoft their money get autobanned for using bad language. The context does not matter. One bad word in the chat even by accident, gets you banned. For example if you ask someone "what's Cartmans superhero name?" And they answer "The Coon" you get banned, not thinking about anything bad.

I totaly get that bad language is a problem and it should be taken care of. But this clearly gets way too far. Why not do it like other games and filter bad words out, replacing it with **** or another word that takes the place of the bad word like other games handle this issue? With such a penalty you give rants against Social Justice or other Equality Movements fire!

Games shouldn't be a place for political agenda anyway. 

The text is still shown on screen, the user just gets banned, but everyone can see that bad word! The current System is not helping anyone but causes more damage than it tries to fix.

Ubisoft, we ask you to find a better, actual solution for this. Gaming is not a place for politics.