Allow Aaron Miller to release a Full AC Chronicles Soundtrack

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I am a fan of the Assassin's Creed Series and, from my first in-game moments on, have loved the soundtracks of most of the games. The 'Assassin's Creed Chronicles' sub-series, released in 2015, was no exception. What was an exception though, is that for those games Ubisoft has never released a full soundtrack. I think that's a shame. For virtually every AC game so far, there has been an OST, even DLCs like Freedom Cry or (originally) handheld games such as Liberation.

Many of you will know that you can unlock the 3 Main Themes of China, India, and Russia as Uplay rewards. They're great obviously, but there is still so much more beautiful (for example ambient) music in those games that hasn't been released. Ripping it from the games just doesn't give it enough credit and quality.

I have never come across any official statement, so to find out why, I e-mailed the main composer, Aaron Miller ( He was very kind and answered me quickly. Now here's what he said:

"[...] why it was never released, I have no control over that I'm afraid. I'd LOVE for it to be officially released, but it would be up to UBISoft to make that decision. A full release was never talked about during the time we worked on the project.

I wrote an unreleased track for Russia that we never used, it would be a shame for that never to be heard.
I think the only way there would ever be a release of the full OST, is if there was a high enough of a demand for it.

So this, I think, is the most effective way of showing Ubisoft that there are enough people who are interested in a full OST release. (Or maybe there aren't, and then I'll have a reason to stop trying to make it happen.)

Now, Ubisoft, if you have any doubts, here's why you should allow Mr. Miller a full release:

  1. Do the creators refuse? No. The main composer Aaron Miller as well as the Audio Designer Chris Jolley would want to work on it.
  2. Some people, like myself, would pay for it. But would it be too much effort for too little of an outcome? I doubt that the game soundtracks have ever been a major source of income for the company. And I would guess it is within the budget to hire Mr. Miller again for a few months to edit his work into an album.
  3. Is the Chronicles Series 'not relevant enough' to care? I surely don't think so, and I think the community would not approve of that attitude, either.

Bonus: You can demonstrate that you listen to the community. Fan service is always good PR.

Thank you, reader, for your time and effort. Maybe you are not the type that listens to soundtracks yourself, but why not make a few others in the community happy? I'd be glad if you sign it, and if you really want it to happen, promote it within the communities.
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