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Add Israeli Operators to Rainbow 6: Siege

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It is a known fact, that Israel has some of the best and most well trained special forces in the world and are unrivalled in counterterrorism experience anywhere.

Still, with all these qualifications, Ubisoft has managed to avoid adding even a single Operator from the IDF or any of israel's security forces.

They have given a slight nod to the IDF by hinting to Ash's background in Shaldag(a unit that is not available to female recruits, so unlikely, but ok), but nothing more than that, in an effort probably to please their anti-israel crowd.

Seeing as not only is Israel the leading counterterrorism force in the world, but also one of the nations mentioned as part of the Rainbow task force in the original books by Tom Clancy, and having been part of older games, we feel it's only right to be added to this newest installment.

Therefore, we ask Ubisoft to add Israeli Operators(s) to this game, as it would please a lot of fans who have been begging for this to happen.

Thank you

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