UberEats and Deliveroo: reduce commission charges

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UberEats drops commission by 5% - thanks for lending your weight!

From today's The Australian:

Uber has caved to mounting pressure to trim the fee it charges restaurants, cutting the maximum rate from 35 per cent to 30 per cent as the local hospitality industry struggles to survive amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Multiple restaurants have spoken out against Uber Eats’ fee in recent weeks, with petitions from Melbourne-based food writer Dani Valent and Ben Fordham gaining thousands of signatures across the country.

Uber Eats Asia Pacific boss Jodie Auster told The Australian that the commission fees had been a key concern for restaurants, and that pressure to reduce them had intensified since the onset of COVID-19. She said the fee cut from 35 per cent to 30 per cent would be a permanent change, and was an effort to help relieve pressure on restaurants’ bottom lines.

“We’re going to charge different levels of commission depending on the package that a restaurant goes for,” Ms Auster said. “If they take the full package, which is the standard delivery option that has been in market for some time, we’re introducing a 30 per cent cap for that, which is a 5 per cent reduction from the 35 per cent fee we were charging.

“We don’t have a business if restaurants don’t want to come online and partner with us every day.”

Uber Eats will also give restaurants the option to use their own delivery staff, and the company will then charge an 8 per cent commission fee. Another option is pick-up, and Uber said it will charge no commission on those orders until the end of July.

Dani Valent
1 year ago