STOP delivering un-needed plastic!

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Single use plastic, a by-product of the petrochemical industry, is choking our planet.  It is a problem that becomes more and more difficult to deal with as the plastics degrade into micro-particles that finds their way into water, soil and eventually biological systems - including those of the food we eat, and ultimately our own bodies.  Cutting out the use of single-use plastic, over and above recycling it, is the most important direct action we can take to curb the pollution of the Earth's interconnected systems.

Most delivery food gets delivered to either private homes, or offices.  These are places where there is usually crockery and cutlery available, as well as condiments. 

Why do food delivery services then automatically deliver plastics cutlery and straws, serviettes and plastic packets of sauce to these customers?

Plastic should not be the default.  

It should be an "opt-in" selection for customers using this services.  

There is the option of noting in the comments that you would not like these products delivered with your food, but more often than not those comments are ignored and more plastic forks and spoons pile up in the kitchen drawer of chaos.

We challenge UberEats, OrderIn, FoodBooking and Mr Delivery to change their ordering forms, and attitudes, to respect our environment and oceans, by changing their order forms to reflect the need for mindful consumerism and corporate responsibility.  

All they need to do is make cutlery, straws and plastic sauces an option that must be selected instead of assuming that the customer wants it.  The decision to include single-use plastic in one's order should be a conscious decision, in an ideal world one which comes at extra cost (to discourage use of this option). There is also the added benefit of savings for the restaurants listed on your services, by not having to provide such waste with their meals.  

Perhaps one or more of these services or apps can go one step further, and offer premium listings to their clients that provide minimal or biodegradable packing...




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