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Add a tip option for Uber.

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  Uber is a brilliant application that answers a huge demand and everyone loves it. People are able to go places like never before. However, it is a "personal service" that costs the driver time and money to provide for you. And like all personal services there should be an option to tip for those who wish to compliment their driver.

  Despite popular belief tips are Not included in the fare, and they cannot be predetermined or generic for everyone. Each experience is unique and worthy of its own compliment according to the level of service received.

  Uber say their drivers average $20 per hour when working full time, which is actually true. But that's before you pay for the gas, car payments, insurance, and not to mention the constant cleaning and extra maintenance costs of putting over 1500 kilometers per week on your car. Once you subtract maintenance and operating costs there's not much left over. If you divide that by the number of hours you spent online with Uber, you are making less than minimum wage in the end.

  MOST IMPORTANTLY not having a tip option for an entity as vast as Uber will eventually begin to affect ALL personal service industries in a very negative way. Many Uber riders are of a younger generation using personal services for the first time and they are not learning how good it feels to reward someone for a job well done. So as time goes on they won't consider tipping their bartender, valet driver, waitresses, servers, delivery boys, the cleaning lady, taxi drivers and so on. Consequently without the incentive of tips, the level of service provided will go down.

  I'm sure everyone agrees the world needs more giving, appreciation, and gratitude, not less. If you work in any of the many personal service industries or if you just agree there should be a tip option for Uber, please sign the petition and share it to your network.

  Thank you and best wishes to everyone.

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