We the SA ehailing operators Uber &Bolt demand a relief fund, we contribut billions in tax

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Apart from the working conditions these men and women endure considering the level of exploitation within the ehailing business in South Africa with Uber and Bolt charging them exorbitant commissions and treating these drivers like slaves yet on the other hand they claim that operators are independent contractors which is a plot to avoid taking responsibility for these drivers who are apparently employees.

Nonetheless Uber and Bolt drivers provide a critical transport & tourist service to the country and the economy at large as they also contribute so much to the economy through TAX (VAT) given the expenses of the business let alone they are providers for their families.

Sadly given the circumstances with the COVID-19 pandemic drivers are out of business however they have bills and debts to pay e.g vehicle finance repayments, insurances, rents, utilities and most of all families to feed but because Uber and Bolt driver are neither considered as small businesse nor employees therefore they are neglected in all forms of relief funds that have been provided.

Note that ehailing operators have never been able to save money from their hand to mount income now their families are hungry and their cars will be repossessed. You and me can assist  their cause because it is the responsibility of the government the Department of transport in conjunction with the ehailing companies to make sure ehailing operators deservedly benefit proportionately from the small business loss of income or unemployment relief funds.