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Uber- Show surge when you have it, stop hiding it behind upfront pricing

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Uber rolled out the new app sometime back. Says it is faster and easier

What was not told –
• You will not know that you have agreed to the surge, which is hidden behind upfront pricing.
• No notification, no asking “do you agree to the x.x surge”, no entering the surge multiplier
• Surge does not even reflect on the receipt. The customer does not get a fare breakup either, with the- base fare, fare due to distance and time quoted separately.

The surge is hidden behind two layers, and only after digging it, I found the surge factor I was supposed to pay.

• Asked the customer care for a fare breakup in the receipt – denied.
• Asked the customer care for a contact to provide app feedback – ignored

Additionally, Uber is the only app in my phone that wants to track my location 24x7, and not just when I am using the app. Says help improve my pickup experience!! Well, why? Weren’t we working well with the previous version, where the location was needed only while using the app?

My demands to Uber are two:

1) Show Surge if you have it. Revert to the older app format where the user was explicitly asked to accept the surge. Don’t hide it behind upfront pricing. And Show the fare breakup in the receipts.
2) Add “track location only while using the app” to the current list of location tracking permissions in the app.

Uber has transformed the way we travel and offers a lot of convenience and flexibility. But they have to be upfront on what they charge the customers.
Sign my petition and share it with all your friends and family who use Uber. If we all speak up together, we can get Uber to respond to it.

Update (30/1/2017)
To clarify more on the issue of upfront pricing, we will see the prices I was charged for the same distance:
UberGo rates are: Base fare - Rs35, Distance fare- Rs7/km and Re1/minute of the travel time.
Taking a distance of 11.51 kms and time 29 minutes,
1. With the previous app versions when there was no upfront pricing, I was charged:

  • Base fare – 35
  • Distance fare – 11.51*7 = 80.57
  • Time – 29 *1 = 29
  • Total = Rs. 144.57 (inclusive of all taxes)

2. With the new app version, upfront pricing – Rs 162.74

The extra fare paid with upfront pricing = 162.74- 144.57= Rs 18.17

Add that to the hundreds of trips happening across the country and we know who is at loss when the customers see upfront pricing. I have done this calculation multiple times and fares with upfront pricing were always greater than the fare with a breakup. If there is a surge, the difference is even higher!!

The issue is transparency and Uber should do be transparent about what they charge us!!

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