Uber & Lyft Drivers Need to be Paid and Treated Better!

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Have you seen how much a rider is charged for a ride? and how much of that they pay you? it's ridiculous, You are the backbone of the company making them Rich while you struggle to make ends meet, car payment, Insurance, Maintenance, Flat tires, Tolls, Gas, it doesn't stop and then you got to make enough to pay bills at home, The  pay to a driver should be the same, no mater what City, or State you are in, we should be paid just like any other person in all 50 States, the same.Some drivers are only paid $0.41 and others are paid as much as $2.50 and even $3.00 a mile this practice is not fair and needs to be addressed.We need to be paid better not just at pick up but also at each stop, what they pay us for waiting is ridiculous and we should not be intimidated by the Uber & Lyft Rating system that they use, we should have more time to look at a ride before we except the ride and know how many people are riding with them, and to be paid for every extra rider  with a photo ID of the person and not be punished for not answering the dispatch or turning it down.

We should be able to see where the rider is going and how many stops they are going to take on the way,We should be paid at least $1.00 for each additional rider, and for our safety we should have a pic of the rider, this needs to be mandatory. The app should be updated so it can run with CAR PLAY for navigation rather than having so much going on, on the console of your vehicle, and most importantly Uber & Lyft needs to stand behind the driver, after all you haft to believe in your product and we drivers are that product that they are selling.


1-Equal Pay for all drivers across the board no mater the City or State

2-$5.00 Minimum Pick up fee

3-Better pay for wait time and stop fee's

4-$1.00 extra for every passenger 

5-Photo of every one getting in to ride

6-mandatory Drug Testing 

7-More time to look at a ride before excepting 

8-Know where the rider is going before you except the ride

9-Minimum of $1.35 per mile for long pick up after 5 miles

10-Airport wait time

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