Raise Uber fares in Glasgow

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We are looking for a fare increase of, at least, 10% of Ubers current fare rates.

Every other private hire taxi firm and Hackneys in Glasgow raise their fares every 4 years, the last increase, for them, was November 2016(approximately 10%). Uber did 0% increase.

Consumer price inflation has averaged 2.3% per annum over last 2 years. Average weekly earnings have risen by 4.76% again over last 2 years and diesel has risen 10.4% over the same period. Ubers increase was 0%

A fare rate increase of 10% will help drivers get in a better financial footing, while still keeping Uber competatve and still good value for Uber riders too This increase will help with rising cost, such as fuel, and the increasing cost of living, as shown above.

At present Uber drivers are absorbing the fuel and cost of living increases but not benefiting from any increase in earnings and seeing a loss in real terms ( ie after inflation ) of earnings instead.

A 10% increase in Uber fare rates will help drivers with ever increasing costs as stated above and will be especially helpful for Uber drivers with families.