Uber needed in Orillia, cab companies are letting us down.

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Consumers deserve a choice of transportation options in Orillia, including ride-share programs such as Uber.

Over the years our cab companies keep letting us down. Winter can equal 2-3 hour waits, bar nights can equal 2 hour waits and sometimes not even showing up at all. People that need to get to work across town must call a cab the day before their shift in order to get there on time. The other day I called a cab for a customer and was told “no sorry there are no cabs available at that end of town, the wait will be between 2 to 4 hours”. These are problems that happen every day in Orillia with our cab companies.

I think allowing Uber in Orillia will help our business, restaurants, and events. I know from experience that I do not go out or to events due to the wait to get home or sometimes not even being able to get home.

This needs to change, and Uber provides consumers another choice in town, so please sign and share with all your friends and family. 

Let’s make this happen!