Lyft and Uber discrimination against Ex-Offenders!

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Ex-Offenders that have been working for Lyft and Uber for years with no incidents are being dropped from the platform with out any warnings. Many of these drivers depend on these platforms to help provide for their families. Uber and Lyft should be ashamed of themselves. I understand barring people with sex offenses but to bar a man for a drug conspiracy charge is unreasonable, especially after he has been working for your company without any incident for at least 2 years. Many of these men and women have taken on additional debt by purchasing Black cars and SUV's. We can't throw our vulnerable citizens to the curb like that. I'm calling on Uber and Lyft to amend their hiring and firing practices. Let's have a conversation surrounding the contracting of services with Returning Citizens. I have great ideas that can be implemented. If you believe that Uber and Lyft should amend their contracting practices please sign and share this petition.