Lower Uber Prices to Reasonable Costs Please!

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Last year, a 12 Minute trip cost me around R40.00 with uber. And I made this trip almost every day. This year, it costs me over R60.00 to make this trip. Now, this week, a 12 minute trip costs me R164.00? Out of desperation to get to my destination, I accepted. Then, before it even found a driver, the money came off of my account. So, I was charged based on an estimated rate. The R164 was taken off of my account regardless of what traffic there was, what route was used, or kilometers it would take on that route. I did not file a complaint, despite this rip-off charge. Now, this morning, my boyfriend, who has been out of employment for months, needed an uber to make it to a very important job interview in town. He requested an uber from Goodwood to Cape Town CBD, and was charged almost R600.00. So instead, he had to grovel for money from neighbors to catch a taxi to make it in time. I have screenshots of the exact prices, date and times they were sent. This is ridiculous, and Uber is the only safe option for some of us. Not to mention, last time I was about to make a trip from Goodwood to Cape Town CBD, it was R150. The driver cancelled on us, and yet that R150.00 was STILL taken from my account. So, since my complaints have been ignored by Uber, I have started this petition against them to lower their prices, because this is unacceptable, especially when the money is taken off BEOFRE a driver even accepts your trip request.