Help me get 1 Million signatures to remove the unfair Lyft & Uber Rider Ratings!

Help me get 1 Million signatures to remove the unfair Lyft & Uber Rider Ratings!

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Started by Nicole Balberg

Help me eliminate this unfair rating system!

A low rating impacts which drivers will pick you up, the wait time, your level of customer service and surge pricing. 

Your driver can rate the passenger according to their scale, using their own criteria. I recently had a ride where a driver told me he gives everyone a 4, because no one is a 5. THIS IS WRONG.

In many places like San Clemente, CA they've removed public buses and replaced them with Lyft stations. These arbitrary ratings impact the poorest of folks that need to get to work, school... You don't need a rating to ride a city bus!

Passenger ratings supposedly exist to protect the driver, but that doesn't work. There is a better way to protect drivers if you don't believe me search "Uber incidents" on YouTube. 

The system can be abused. We all bring our own biases with us to situations. Example: If I get into an Uber in a Seahawks jersey in Boston, I shouldn't be rated low! If the driver doesn't like me because I ask him to follow the GPS or take a toll road, I shouldn't be rated low. If a driver doesn't like pink hair, I shouldn't be rated low. You get where I am going with this...

There is no transparency or opportunity to fight a bad rating. No other system works this way!

We need to fight back and stop the ratings! Uber and Lyft should come up with a better way to problem solve. There many more effective ways of ensuring problem riders are dealt with!!!!!!!

FYI I don't have low ratings. Uber Rating is 4.87/5.0.  Lyft Rating is 5.0/5.0

Thank you to all that join my fight!