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Force UBER and LYFT to remove their idiotic Weapon policy

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These Policies affect drivers, and the family of the drivers. There have been to many drivers injured, maimed, and killed by not being able to have some means of defense against riders that are trying to carjack, rape, rob, or just plain out kill drivers. Uber and Lyft have NO Means to enforce their so called No Weapon policy on the riders but expect to dictate this to the drivers without which the two companies would not exist! The drivers are independent contractors, who pay for all the fuel, maintenance, repairs, insurance, and cleaning of the cars they use. The Drivers cars belong to the drivers NOT Uber or Lyft. As long as the Drivers can Legally do so in the state(s) they operate in they should have means available with out fear of retaliation from uber and lyft, to defend their self from an attack. In the last year alone their have been many stories in the news about the drivers being attacked and not allowed to have any means to fend it of...... THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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