Uber drivers are being short-changed! Help give drivers a voice! Make UBER listen!

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On May 8 2019, on the eve of the Uber IPO, Uber drivers across the world delivered letters to Uber management, requesting Uber negotiate with drivers on pay and conditions. Drivers across the world are doing it hard and harder, as Uber tries to extract the maximum financial return from each driver. The honeymoon is well and truly over, and the company must step up and do more for the hardworking people that have turned Uber into a billion-dollar brand.

“I started to feel too vulnerable being abused by groups of drunk aggressive male passengers at night, so I drive days now, but I have to do splits shifts because the work’s not there in the middle of the day.” Melbourne driver Daniel drives 7 days a week but he says day driving is not profitable because there are too many cars and not enough work. “I’m in debt and I can’t really pay my bills.”

Uber drivers have a thousand stories of how things can go wrong on a Saturday night or a Monday morning. There’s equally as many stories about how drivers’ unfair treatment by their Uber partners results in the kind of sub-standard pay and conditions that leave many drivers deeply in debt and struggling to support themselves and their families.

We ask you to stand with drivers in their claim for a living wage and some support from a company that has profited so much from drivers’ contribution to the growth of their billion-dollar business.

“I can only make about half what I made a year ago.” Janet says she used to earn $1500 driving 8 hours each shift for 6 nights a week. Now her income is around $700 a week. “Uber has recruited too many drivers, and with fixed pricing you make less driving in areas where there’s demand. You have to drive longer and you’ve got to drive smart, and you have to drive when you’re sick, so don’t get the flu. She laughs, but it’s bitter. “You can’t just walk out the door any time of day and make an income.” Janet drives in Perth, but her words are mirrored by drivers, everywhere Uber operates.

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