Food delivery companies should cut the commission fees they charge small businesses by 50%

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The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on independent restaurants have been devastating, resulting in significant loss of revenue, layoffs, and closures. Small business owners and their employees are counting on all stakeholders to respond with compassion and support them as they navigate unprecedented challenges.

Food delivery companies like Caviar, DoorDash, Grubhub, Postmates, Uber Eats, and Seamless continue to charge small businesses 30% commission fees, which threaten the very survival of the independent restaurants we love.

Deferral doesn't do it, waiving delivery fees for customers doesn't help small businesses, and pressuring independent restaurants to offer discounts hurts them even more. 

Building on Intentionalist's open letter, we are calling on food delivery companies to do their part.

They should start by reducing the commission fees that they charge independent restaurants, cafes, coffee & tea shops by at least 50%.  

Note: Intentionalist is an online platform and guide to intentional spending that supports small businesses and diverse local communities.