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A NEW RATING SYSTEM for Uber Drivers

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As a Uber driver, I feel like the rating system has a terrible setup. In my town it's the average of the last 500 rides. Well I don't drive that often so if I happen to get one bad rider that rating lowers my rating! For me driving isn't a job!! I just want to clear my head, move around, make money and have fun. I hate the fact that you basically have to kiss up to riders to boost your ratings. My job isn't to entertain the riders and have to anwers question about myself constantly. I turn on my music and get them safely to their destinations. Normally I am a very friendly person but I have been assualted before as a driver by a rider during late night/drinking locations and Uber didn't reach out to me for three days. So now I have this wall up whenever riders get in I rather not communicate (any gender) just get you out quick and safely and to the next. The rating system should be removed or redesigned. Rate the drive itself as well as is the driver as he/she harmful, dangerous driver and not was the driver not as talkitive(consider not including that! some drivers are shy and just want to focus on the road for safety?

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