Rename the 43 bus route to the 420!

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Vancouver has been a wonderful city in our wonderful and prosperous nation, full of joy and wonder to us all. Against all odds (what with our skyrocketing property prices and Richmond probably sinking in 15 years), we boast of one of North America’s finest public transportation system that ferries almost a million people to their homes, offices, schools and more.  

In our very beautiful city, we possess some of the most hilarious sights such as the laughing statues by English bay, dude chilling park, and with your power, we can add UBC’s own entertaining entity: the 420 UBC EXCHANGE. I simply ask the people of Vancouver one thing: imagine the glory of having this bus cut through 41st Avenue and Wesbrook Mall everyday in one of the most progressive cities of the world, in the second country where the consumption of cannabis products for recreational purposes has been made legal. 

UBC students: empower your folk, send a message,  let us unite and show the world this is what are made of. It’s time to start the revolution.

(All credit of the picture goes to this website)