Decrease international tuition at UBC until the instruction is online.

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In response to COVID-19, UBC has done an amazing job in helping and providing assistance to the student community but it is noticed that international students still somewhere feel insecure regarding a lot of things including but not limited to course completion, grading, the validity of the study permit, housing in Canada, financial hardships, etc. So, we the international students, believe that the current financial help is not sufficient for all those in need. Thus, we request a decrease in the tuition fees for international students, until the classes are offered online.
The following are some factors taken into consideration before proceeding with this petition.  
1.     Paying $1300 per credit for video lectures isn’t satisfactory.
UBC’s international tuition has been consistently high, seeing which a lot of students are not really happy. It was rational enough to pay 1300 dollars per credit (1600 for Sauder) for the in-person instruction because we had world-class classrooms to sit in, office hours for doubts, TAs to talk to but as of now, it seems irrational to pay the exact same amount for mere video lectures, some of which are links from YouTube. Due to this pandemic of COVID-19, a lot of students have gone back home, which means they are in different time zones. Due to differences in time, it’s very difficult for the students to stay awake at odd hours to attend classes, which are not as informative and effective as they used to be. We’re requesting this decrease intuition for the loss of satisfaction, the loss of tangibility, the loss of integrated learning and of course personal attention.
1.     Reduced income across the globe due to lockdowns
The business across the globe has largely been affected due to the pandemic. The governments in many countries have decided to advance relief packages to the population in order to cope up with the situation. In these situations, the major effect has been noticed on entrepreneurs and small businesspersons across the globe. Businesses have been heavily affected and there is indeed a noticeable loss of income due to numerous lockdowns worldwide. Not saying that the lockdowns were unnecessary, but the effects are adverse. Speaking on a global level, income generation has been decreased alarmingly in many countries. To maintain the balance of the world economy decreased income should be balanced out with decreased costs. Specifically speaking, the daily needs are being well fulfilled by the savings and government aid programs but for some students coming from middle-class families, it is difficult to manage high tuition fees for the post-secondary institutions, especially for the international students.
2.     Combating mental instabilities.
COVID-19 has created a really hard time for all of us. This pandemic has struck many economically strong countries like the USA, China, UK and countries in the European Union. A lot of money is being spent on medical facilities and thus it is creating emotional and mental instability as the world fights against COVID-19. In a situation of crisis like this, it’s difficult to keep ourselves mentally healthy and away from negative thoughts. There are many students who have lost their family members, spent thousands of dollars on medical treatment and are facing financial hardship now. For those who’re on the verge of dropping the university because their family just faced a massive loss in the business. Considering this, a decrease in the tuition will lighten up the burden from these who are struggling to manage mental state along with the finances for education.
We understand that no one in specific is responsible for this pandemic, rather we acknowledge and appreciate the efforts UBC is putting into relief those in need of emergency funds. What we wish to convey is that the number of people facing difficulties is more than what we expect them to be, thus it’s a humble request from the UBC’s international student community to take appropriate actions to protect those students who are the future of this University.