Help us get the graduation ceremony we deserve

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If the UK Government plans on lifting all restrictions as of June 21st 2021, then why can't graduates of both class of 2020 and class of 2021 finally be allowed to have a graduation ceremony in person? 

There are plenty of options in order for the ceremony to take place, many of them being outdoors as well. Surely if organised correctly the ceremonies can take place.

For many students, graduation is an important time in their lives. It is a celebration of their academic achievements and a step that signs the beginning of their future careers. When are we going to experience a moment like this again in our lives? Never, really. 

If you aren't a class of 2020 or class of 2021 student reading this, would you like it if you were forced to complete your studies at a desk in your childhood bedroom or dorm, submit your work and then boom you never hear from the university again? 

All we ask is that you think about it, seriously, put yourselves in our shoes for just one minute. To even think that it is OK to not give students a Graduation ceremony should not be ok. We deserve better after completing an academic journey - during a pandemic - that for many is a milestone. 

If you agree with the above, we kindly invite you to sign and share this petition with friends, family and ..whoever you want! Thank you for your help! :)