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Bring Back Senior Quotes

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Senior quotes have been a tradition in high schools for years, every year seniors get one chance to leave a legacy with their school and fellow peers. It's something seniors have looked forward to since their freshman year. For four years they have been talking with their friend about what their senior quote might be, it's a part of regular conversation and banter between students. This year's graduating class will not get the privilege of putting their quotes in the yearbook. Instead, there is a part where the seniors say what their favorite memory inside the "UA bubble" is. This is a rather offensive piece to put in the yearbook because it suggests that the graduating class is not college ready because we are shielded from the outside world. The yearbook staff is struggling to even get enough responses back about the "UA Bubble", they didn't even bother asking the general population of seniors what they wanted for their yearbook because they are the ones paying for the yearbook, they are the ones that have been at the school for four years and this is a final thing for them. They were not even asked about the changes being made that is simply disrespectful and wrong.

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