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No Tip!!LPG cylinders should be delivered at our kitchen and not at our doorstep/gates.

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LPG Delivery boys continue to charge over and above the bill. Before i start i ask you to read the article,

This was an article on awareness, however to this date they continue to charge extra.

I stay in Bengaluru and avail a subsidy on the 14.2 Kg Cylinder. Rs 640 is the billed amount. Subsidy via bank transfer is Rs 186. Gas Agency- Bharat. Delivery Boy charges Rs 40. This means 21.5% of the subsidy and 8.8% of the total bill is gone towards paying the delivery boy. 

Why do i call them delivery boys? It is because the delivery guy doesn't drop it to your kitchen, he makes small boys do the lifting He pays a small commission to these boys. His Job is to get the vehicle from the gas agency filled with the cylinders and then calls on the boys and then collects the amount from the boys.

Why am i paying extra?. we have had frequent arguments and that led to late delivery, threatening not to deliver at your kitchen but leave it near the gate.

Then deputy director,Food and Civil Supplies, Mysuru Rameshwarappa had clarified to the Hindu that :

1)it was a “criminal offence under the Essential Commodities Act” to collect unreasonable tips from consumers 

2)No delivery charge if house is within a 5-km radius of the distributor’s office.

The current rule book states that they have to deliver to your doorstep even if it means the top floor your house.(In another article run by Hindu)

Even if they do deliver to the Doorstep, LPG cylinders are heavy and by gross weight 30kgs( 14.2 kg is LPG) and mostly it is cumbersome to lift/roll it to the kitchen.. Housewives, Senior citizens ,who most often are at the receiving end and they can't be blamed for tipping the delivery guys.

Online payment for LPG refills , launched by Shri Dharmendra Pradhan MOS Petroleum and Natural Gas did not help address this problem either. 

If an option to levy a Service charge of Rs 5- 10(for 1 cylinder) to deliver it to our kitchen is given out by Gas agencies and if it reflects in the bill then the delivery guys will be bound not to collect any money and gas agencies can be held accountable for the service charge that we pay. Delivery guys can be reminded that we already pay to deliver it to the kitchen.

If the Give it up campaign by our honourable prime minister can create such a big momentum then an initiative like this which troubles most of the LPG household users can help them from being extorted.

Request you to sign this petition and hope the recipients take action.

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